David Berret

Editing, Calibration

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Synopsis :
"Guillaume and Mathieu, young journalists and mythographe of the XXIth century, receive a mysterious invitation of a messenger of the Olympe. They decide to go to meet twelve immortal gods to know about it a little more about the life which lead their idols."

Realized and written by Lucas Porzyc
Assistant Director : Flora Rey

Chief Operator : Marc Pubreuil
Assistant Operator : Paul Rolland
Art director / Property man : Raphael Brunn
Engineer Sound / Mixing : Maxime Dufils
Continuity girl : Charline Jacques
Editing / Calibration : David Berret
Special effects : Matthieu Chauvirey
Music : Florian Porzyc
Arrangements : William Pourtales

Main actors :

Nicolas Le Bricquir
Hadrien Fontanaud